MESA, Ariz.Legacy Sports USA announced a new partnership with Tatum Human Performance (THP), an innovative performance training center operating out of Scottsdale, to be the official performance partner for Bell Bank Park, a 320-acre, multi-use family sports and entertainment complex that is set to open in January of 2022.  The state-of-the-art performance center spans 25,000 square feet and features an 11,000 square-foot fitness center with general fitness offerings, locker rooms and a yoga studio.  The performance center will be led by Olympic Gold Medalist Dan O’Brien and THP founder Spencer Tatum.


“I am extremely excited to collaborate with Tatum Human Performance, I truly believe the marriage of our fitness, training and performance services at one location is going to be a huge difference maker at Bell Bank Park,” said O’Brien, who serves as Vice President of Health, Wellness and Fitness for Legacy Sports USA.  “From performance training, to assessments, medical treatment, recovery and general fitness, our hybrid model at this state-of-the-art facility will help individuals and teams achieve their fitness and performance goals and be the best they can be, both in sports and in life.”

Emphasizing a user-centric approach, THP prioritizes the needs and goals of each team, individual, or elite athlete to create a clear pathway toward success. Through an individualized performance model that is backed by proven methods and paired with applied sciences, THP's services will be delivered for fitness training, youth development and sports performance training. The result of this dynamic training system is members who are adaptable, resilient, and well-rounded as it applies to their sport. 

In addition to an innovative training system, the differentiator that THP brings for Legacy's members and park visitors is its forward-thinking hybrid model. In the world of digital, THP unifies tech with a personal touch to maintain a connected experience both inside and outside of the park, offering options for in-person training, virtual coaching, or interactive remote sessions. 

THP establishes its excellence by delivering an integrative, multidisciplinary program using technology and applied sciences. Specifically within Legacy's ecosystem, training will be complemented with wearables such as Oura Ring and Push Band, a 3-D motion capture lab, data analytics and visualizations to track progress and advanced equipment that will be the first of its kind within Arizona. Athletes and members will also have access to top tools in the Legacy's Recovery Center, including a hyperbaric chamber, cryotherapy, compression wraps, IVs, an infrared chamber, massage services and more.

“THP is excited about this partnership and collaboration,” Tatum said.  “We feel the combination of Legacy Sports Park’s state-of-the-art facilities with THP's systemic approach to athletic development, fitness training, and sports performance will provide the experience that people have been searching for. The goal of this partnership is to provide the necessary tools, resources, and expertise for individuals to achieve their aspirations at the park and outside through our connected digital platform.”

Dedicated to understanding the human body, movement, fitness and sport performance, Tatum created THP to deliver a fitness or sports training solution specific to each person’s goals.  This led to the development of a unique niche in the sports world to spread the impact of his training beyond just him.  Currently, Tatum and THP’s reach tallies more than 150 collegiate athletes, 30 professional athletes including 2021 PGA of America Player of the Year and World No. 1 golfer Jon Rahm, and two Super Bowl champions.

“As a former athlete and Olympic gold medalist I know that you can’t win championships alone, and to be successful on the field and in life you need to surround yourself with people that share the same vision and goals,” O’Brien said.  “That is what Legacy Sports USA is all about, and that is why this is such a huge win to partner with Spencer and his team at THP.”

THP is an individualized training company for clients and coaches that delivers a fitness and sports training solution specific to each person’s goals. THP was intentionally created to bring a program that incorporates an individual’s unique footprint with exercise science principles. By understanding each person’s specific pathway, THP strives to tailor a program that will provide the needed expertise and impact. Through their holistic process, THP’s mission is to support individuals, organizations, teams, coaches and trainers. To learn more, visit THP.fit.

Bell Bank Park is a privately owned, 320-acre multi-use family sports and entertainment complex in Mesa, Ariz., currently under construction with plans to officially open to the public in January of 2022. Bell Bank Park will create more than 1,500 jobs and generate hundreds of millions of dollars in direct economic impact back to the surrounding community, with an expected three million visitors annually. Bell Bank Park is the vision of Randy J. Miller, Chairman of Legacy Sports USA, Chad J Miller, CEO of Legacy Sports USA, and Olympic Gold Medalist Dan O’Brien, Director of Performance Training at Bell Bank Park. In addition, Legacy Sports Park also will feature a multi-purpose arena and outdoor amphitheater which Oak View Group will schedule live events, family shows, exhibitions and conventions. 

The project will be developed in one single phase constructing outdoor and indoor team athletic

facilities geared to high energy entertainment, sports venues.  For more information on Bell Bank Park, visit http://www.bellbankpark.com. For more information on the Legacy Sports Park performance center, visit http://elitesportsaz.com/performance-center/.  Follow @LegacySportsUSA on Facebook and Instagram for additional updates and announcements.

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