Clinics & Camps

• Weekly Skills Clinics (8 week sessions)
• Drop-In Clinics

• Ratings Gameplay Sessions
• Pickleball x Performance Clinics
• Learn to Drill Clinics
• Junior Camps

Pickleball for Juniors Camps offer an immersive pickleball experience for beginning, intermediate, and advanced junior players. Camps take place during the summer and during school breaks.

Juniors ages 8 to 18 will hit pickleballs, run around the court, work hard, meet new friends, play a ton of fun games and most importantly, have a great time while learning the tactics and techniques of the fastest growing sport in the country.


This course is designed for the newer player looking to learn the basics of pickleball.  We will be teaching scoring, positioning and basic game play. By the end of the 2 month course, you will have the basic knowledge to play pickleball with your friends and/or open play at the Legacy Park courts.


This course is designed for a player that has already taken the Beginner I Course. The intermediate players looking to learn the more advanced basics of pickleball. We will be 3rd shot drops, 3rd shot drives, transition to the kitchen, positioning and game play. By the end of the 2 month course, you will have a higher knowledge base to level up and play pickleball with your higher level friends and/or tournament play at the Legacy Park courts.


This course is designed for players that have already taken the Beginner II Course. The intermediate/advanced player looking to level up and learn more advanced skills of pickleball.  We will be teaching 3rd shot drop strategy, 3rd shot drive strategy, stacking, fast vs slow, resets and advanced game play. By the end of the 2 month course, you will have advanced knowledge to play in a tournament environment and/or higher level pickleball with your friends.


This course is designed for the experienced tournament player looking to master new skills to take their game to the next level.  We will be teaching advanced dinking, advanced drop/drive strategy, tournament strategy, stacking, and more. 

It is recommended that the player’s level is 3.5-4.0+



  • Play games with other similar rated players.
  • Legacy Pickleball will record all matches in DUPR.


This comprehensive program is ideal for someone who wants to improve their pickleball game.



Our Drop In clinics will teach one specific skill at each session. We will be teaching technique, methodology & strategy of a specific skill set.

If you want to master or improve a specific shot, our drop in clinics will be perfect for your game.

Drop in clinics are one-time events and will run with a minimum of 4 players.

Can’t find three other pickleball players to play games? That’s okay! You can still play and get better by drilling! Come work on your skills with our Teaching Professional, to improve your game!

Learn to Drill.