Preschool Gymnastics

Arizona Dynamics would like to introduce our S.T.A.R. (Steps To Athletic Reward) Program, which has been specifically designed with our preschool athletes, ages 12 months to 4.5 years in mind. Ultimately, our goal within this program is to help with the development of gross motor skills while providing a safe, loving, and encouraging environment. In order to successfully maximize this objective, Arizona Dynamics provides classes solely based on age. Within these 30-45 minute classes, your little athlete will be gaining strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination with one of our professional coaches. Our S.T.A.R. athletes take advantage of small class sizes with a student to coach ratio of 6:1. With this fun, controlled environment, it is easy to see how these little gymnasts quickly learn important skills that are sure to last a lifetime!

Recreational Gymnastics

At Arizona Dynamics Gymnastics, girls 4.5-18 years old may begin our Recreational Program. This program follows a curriculum designed by the United States Association of Gymnastics (USAG) Developmental Division. We begin at Dynamites and progress to Blaze and Developmental Teams. Each level is skill progressive on the next. Our classes are a great way to help your child build confidence, strength, and coordination while learning to respect others. Your child will start her day off with a group warm-up and stretch, which we always keep fresh and exciting! Then she will go through rotations of vault, bars, beam, and floor, where she will perform drills and skills that she can use to build on in the future. Once she has achieved all of our requirements, she may be evaluated to move to the next level!

Junior Devo, Developmental Competitive, & Xcel Competitive Gymnastics

Arizona Dynamics offers a pre-team, Junior Development program. This is an invitation only class that is geared toward progressing to join our competitive teams. We hold tryouts for this program twice a year. For further information please contact Ally Dillard, (

Arizona Dynamics Developmental Team consists of levels 2 through level 10, and Xcel Levels Bronze-Diamond. We offer a positive, structured, and high-energy atmosphere where gymnasts can accomplish individual and team success. Team Dynamics competes locally as well as throughout the nation. Dynamics has many state, regional and national champions. For further information or a private tryout please contact Michelle, (