All classes run approximately 55 minutes long

Tap/Jazz/Tumble – Let your little star shine in this fun combo class perfect for students that are new to dance. This class combines tap, jazz and tumbling. This introduction to dance class will be sure to entertain and captivate your preschooler’s attention while learning basic dance steps to seasonally themed music and activities. Dancers are asked to bring tap and ballet shoes and may wear anything they feel fabulous dancing in! This class will participate in the year end recital.

Disney Princess Combo – A combination class that incorporates tap, ballet and tumbling at the end…all set to Disney themed music! Dancers are asked to bring tap and ballet shoes. They may wear anything they feel fabulous moving and dancing in. This class will be participating in our year end recital.

Mommy & Me – A 45 minute class that incorporates socialization and rhythm through dance for our tiniest dancers! Mom, dad or grandma will accompany their toddler in this energetic class. This class will benefit our tiniest dancers by strengthening children’s muscles, increase mobility and independence.

Leaps & Bounds – Kids will get a total body workout through movement to music. Dance improves coordination, strength and balance. This class will also introduce them to teamwork and a classroom setting while building on their social skills.

Pilates – These classes focus on creating a lean and long physique with an emphasis on balance and core. These exercises are designed to lengthen and stretch muscles to provide progress in flexibility/range of motion, joint pain, strength and of course keep you healthy.

Ballroom (beginning and intermediate levels available) – This class introduces and expands on ballroom steps and techniques. Dancers will learn a ballroom routine and perform it on the stage at our year end recital!

Stretch & Strength – This class is designed to teach students the importance of maintaining a fitness routine and the health benefits that come with. This class will focus on alignment/proper form, flexibility, and core.

Hip Hop/Tumbling – Introduction to hip hop using grooves, tricks and combinations. Basic tumbling will occur the last 15 minutes of class. Hip hop is beneficial for teaching musicality and confidence. This class will participate in our end of season recital.

Ballet – This class teaches traditional ballet terminology and movement. Ballet is the foundation of dance. It teaches strength, coordination and flexibility.

Tiny Tutus and Pre-Ballet – These ballet classes are for our tiniest ballerinas. These classes will teach the basics of ballet terminology and participate in our year end recital.

Acro and Tumbling (beginning and intermediate levels) – Appropriate level tumbling and acro will be taught in this class. These classes work on and achieve flexibility, strength, stamina, and endurance in tricks that can be used in dance and pom.

Sassy Jazz – This energetic class combines stretching and basic jazz technique. Dancers will have fun mastering specific jazz elements and work on them throughout the season. This class will participate in our end of the season recital.

Lyrical (beginning and advanced levels available) – Lyrical dance combines elements of jazz and ballet. This class will introduce the basics of lyrical dance, with focus on stretching and learning to execute lyrical choreography.

Tap (Disney Princess, Beginning and Intermediate levels available) – Classes will start at the fundamentals and end the year with a full tap performance on stage at our annual recital. Dancers are asked to bring tap shoes and may wear athletic wear (leggings, tank, etc) to class.

Tap & Ballet – A combination class that introduces two styles of dance by focusing on 30 minutes of tap dance and 30 minutes of ballet. This class participates in our end of the year recital.

Turns & Leaps – This class will focus on more advanced elements of dance, including turns and leaps. Proper technique that will assist dancer’s turns and leaps will be the focus of this class.

Musical Theatre – A class that will explore theatrical performance combining songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance.

Legs & Feet – This class is geared towards our older dancers and will focus on legs and feet. This class works from the hips to the toes, increasing flexibility and lengthening behind the knees.

Dance Team Prep Classes – These classes are geared towards high school dancers preparing to audition for college or professional dance teams. Ballet, hip hop, turns and acro classes will be taught at an advanced competitive level. These classes do not participate in our year end recital.

Ballet for Athletes – Professional athletes have long used ballet to improve their performance. Ballet is a great option to improve an athlete’s flexibility, body awareness, lateral movement, footwork, timing, agility and coordination.