Frequently Asked Questions


The city will be moving Ellsworth Southbound to one lane January 16, 2023 – August 24, 2023. We highly suggest adjusting your travel plans when coming to the park and giving yourself extra time due to possible delays. 

Alternate routes include:

1. The Loop 202 to Power, east on Pecos and North on Ellsworth.

2. The 24 to Williams Field

3. If Williams Field is backed up when getting off the 24, continue straight and get off on Signal Butte, turn west on Pecos and north on Ellsworth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Parking Fees: Yes. Friday Evening, Saturday and Sundays the fee is $5.00. Parking may be difficult as well as the facility is 320 acres and offers multiple amazing sports for all athletes. 

Food: No.  Please do not bring outside food. There is a 17,000 sq. foot restaurant, the GOAT available for all. Food can be to-go as well as alcoholic beverages. 

Drinks: Water is fine.  Legacy will have Gatorade, water and alcohol for purchase. 

Tents and Chairs: Yes! Please bring your own chairs and tents as those will not be provided. Legacy may have tents set up around the facility for use but they are limited.  

Balls: Yes. Legacy will provide 2 balls per court to be played with. If you would like more balls to warm up and play, please bring your own.

Pets: No. Although we are huge animal lovers, there are no pets allowed in the Legacy Beach Facility.


Beach Facility Rules and Expectations

Please be kind to all athletes, parents, spectators, and directors at the Beach Facility. 

All formats are subject to change depending on registration numbers. 

No cursing at or towards any athlete, parent, spectator or director.

No glass allowed in the sand.

Please throw away any trash you may have before leaving the facility.

Refunds will NOT be given once the refund window is closed.  We apologize for any inconvenience but a lot of time goes into creating an event, programming, finding a new team/athlete and much more. We appreciate your understanding. 

Have Fun! *The Legacy Director has the right to remove anyone from the facility when rules have been broken and NO refund will be given.


If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at

For Reference, please see the point system below

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