Director of Sand Volleyball

Skylar is a main draw AVP Men’s Beach Volleyball athlete, FIVB world tour competitor, five-time NVL tournament winner and two-time NVL National Champion. His volleyball resume includes NVL awards for Best Setter, Best Defensive Player and Team of the Year, among many others. Skylar has competed with and among the most elite beach volleyball players in the world, both stateside and in exotic locations like the Cayman Islands, Iran and Australia. Skylar’s love for volleyball emerged at the tender age of four, while growing up just south of Denver, CO. The gym essentially acted as Skylar’s second home – and his early indoor skills, by all eye-witness accounts, were both prodigious and jaw-dropping.  Skylar acquired his love for beach volleyball while attending college in San Diego and was immediately devoted to the sport. He could be found most days honing his skills in the sand and playing as much volleyball as humanly possible. After college, Skylar went back home to Colorado where he continued to train on any sand court he could find in the mostly beach-less state. His professional beach volleyball career ensued shortly thereafter. Skylar has been coaching both indoor and beach volleyball for the last decade. His athletes run the gamut from girls’ and boys’ high-performance elite players to novice youth and development teams. As a master coach at Elevation Volleyball Club, Skylar instructed coaches and athletes in the technical aspects of the game, developed a strong development methodology and always implemented a respectful sideline manner.  Skylar’s volleyball IQ and game strategies are widely considered unsurpassed in the industry. His ability to break down all aspects of personal performance mechanics, deconstruct (and reconstruct!) movement dynamics and incorporating both big and small picture game concepts have placed him among the most sought-after coaches in both indoor and beach volleyball.