Falguni Pathak Dandiya Dhoom 2023 Festival of Life

Falguni Pathak, a renowned Indian singer, and performer, has made a significant impact in the Gujarati and Hindi music scenes with her energetic and lively performances. She achieved a breakthrough with the release of her album "Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi," featuring the immensely popular title track. This song propelled her to fame and garnered widespread recognition throughout India. Pathak received immense praise for her resonant voice and melodious compositions, particularly appealing to the younger generation.
Her performances are characterized by vibrant costumes, dynamic choreography, and interactive connection with the audience, creating an exhilarating atmosphere.
Over the years, Falguni Pathak has produced several successful albums, including chart-topping hits such as "Maine Payal Hai Chhankai." "Chad Jo Khaki," and "Meri Chunar Udd Udd Jane." She has also received numerous accolades in appreciation of her contributions to the music industry.

Join us on September 29th, from 7pm-10pm

Athletes Unlimited Volleyball

Athletes Unlimited Volleyball is a women's professional volleyball league in the United States. The leagues features 44 of the best women's professional volleyball players in the world.
Season 3 will take place at Legacy Park in Mesa, Arizona from October 6th-November 6th!

DeafNation Expo & Conference

October 7th 9am-5pm. Since 2003, DeafNation Expo has attracted over 1 million attendees with hundreds of events throughout the United States. The DeafNation Expo is a space where Deaf people can come to learn about Deaf-owned businesses or services for the Deaf as well as to see the newest innovations in services or technologies for the Deaf. The latest trends in the community are highlighted during the exhibitions. DeafNation Expo has always been and always will be free for attendees because we believe strongly that everyone is welcome to experience our culture and to be a part of our community, even if just for a day!

UwU Con

UwU Con is a three-day anime, and comic convention jam-packed with voice actors and celebrities, vendors, food, gaming, cosplay, after-hours dance parties, and so much more coming to Legacy Park October 27th - 29th, 2023.

                     -Friday, October 27th from 12pm - 8pm
                     -Satruday, October 28th from 10am - 8pm
                     -Sunday, October 29th from 10am - 6pm