important update:

Legacy’s recreational program is not currently running but there are still plenty of opportunities for youth to get involved with Legacy Soccer! The Development Academy offers a supplemental training program that gives children in our community the opportunity to further their soccer development, providing them with the best possible learning environment, to develop a deeper understanding of tactics, technique and teamwork in preparation for competitive club soccer. 

The Legacy Recreational Youth Soccer Program provides children between the ages of Pre-K to 6th Grade within our local community the opportunity to have a fun, organized, safe, and exciting soccer experience. Our focus is to produce the most enjoyable learning environment inside world class youth sport facilities right here in Mesa. Our aim is to create a lifelong passion for the game in young players and to provide as many playing opportunities for all players as they age through our programs.

Our age-appropriate curriculum focuses on individual technical development, building confidence in young soccer players, improving cognitive development, and increasing imagination, by allowing players to learn the game gradually in an unpressured environment. With dedicated full-time soccer staff overseeing the administration of the program, we guarantee a highly organized experience for parents and through participating in our programs, parents can expect to see continued growth and development of their children through our belief that soccer and sports can help build self-esteem, create lasting relationships, and teach valuable life lessons.


The Legacy Recreational Youth Soccer Program is coached by parent volunteers who will be guided and mentored by Legacy Sports USA’s Director of Soccer, David Hayes. David will provide all volunteers the education and skills needed to provide all of our players the best possible playing experience. We appreciate that volunteering can be a daunting prospect, but as well as David, highly qualified staff will be on hand to help deliver on-field support during all practice sessions and game days – you are not in this alone! David will introduce coaching practices that promote learning in a variety of games and activities, allowing players as many touches on the ball as possible while maintaining a fun soccer experience. All coaching education will take place before the season begins, so all volunteers feel ready and confident by the time the first practice rolls around, and as an incentive to volunteer in the program, all coaches will receive their first child registration for free!

Program Highlights

  • Custom session plans and curriculum built specifically for our players & programs, with a focus on:
    • FUN!
    • Individual ball skills & tactical understanding
    • Physical literacy
    • Team building and leadership
  • Two 1-hour practices pre week with your team. (Mon/Wed)
  • Games played on Friday evenings.
  • Parent-coaches will receive free coaching education sessions and continuous support throughout the season.
  • Upon signing up, players will be assigned to a team and coach, as well as a complete game schedule prior to the season kicking off.